Kajabi VIP Intensives

Kajabi VIP Days

A 3-day unique & fun experience for Kajabi users who are looking to knock out a few overwhelming tech & design projects in a short amount of time.



I know what you're thinking...

This 3-day VIP Intensive thing is a bit "out of the box" in terms of the client & designer relationship. I get it. Normally when you hire a designer or tech strategist, it takes a few weeks (possibly even months) to get your project back. Not anymore, sweet friend!

Luckily, I have perfected my VIP Intensive system and have been doing this for over 2 years now! It has become my most popular service and when I say my clients love it...they LOVE it!

Say buh-bye to the stress & overwhelm of complicated tech and design. When you've got clients to serve and content to create, those are the LAST things you want to focus on. Deadlines are coming up and you simply don't have the time or energy to waste. Invest in a team who knows Kajabi like the back end of their hand and can knock those time-consuming projects out for you - in record timing!

Course, program or membership migration to Kajabi from another platform (ex: Kartra, Teachable, etc.)

Course, program or membership buildout in Kajabi (& the tech!)



here are a few things that we can get done with vip intensives:

Funnel Buildouts: opt-ins, webinars, challenges, tripwires & upsells...I got you! ;)


Full custom website design or CM Template Shop template customization.


Short form & long form sales page 



"You're SO good at what you do! I don't think it's possible for me to love my website more than I do! Thank you for making my dream website a reality!"

- adrienne weimer

"I resisted moving over to Kajabi because it felt overwhelming - however, Courtney made the entire process smooth & simple and I was up and running in record time!"

- elaine travis

"I've worked with designers in the past, but nothing compared to the experience I had with Courtney. She truly understood my vision (& I can be quite picky at times!). I'm thankful the Universe connected me to her!"

- krystal chong

"I knew right from the start that I wanted to hire Courtney. She was on top of it, the communication was amazing, and she went above & beyond my expectations! She took my vision & created exactly what I wanted!"

- dr. onalee makam

"The relief I had when I hired Courtney to help me migrate from Teachable to Kajabi was huge. I met her at a business event a few years ago & knew I could trust her to make the process simple & smooth."

- jena castro-casbon

How It Works

To secure your VIP Intensive, choose a payment plan below. Once investment has been made, you will get immediate access to your Members Portal & a scheduling link to book your intensive.

make your investment

After you book your Intensive, go through the pre-work and complete everything. This includes a questionnaire, a Google Drive folder, and a few helpful resources.

complete your pre-work

During your Intensive, I ask that you be available via email, Voxer, or messenger for sneak peeks & questions. At the end of the 3rd day, we will have a screen share walk through via Zoom & test your new site, funnel or course!

have vip intensive

"Before I met Courtney, I was struggling to get my courses online. Now I'm in love with Kajabi!"

Mariel tried #allthethings when she created her course. She was struggling to find a platform that was pretty, organized, and was professional looking. I then introduced her to Kajabi and she madly fell in love with it - and my design process! Watch her video to learn more!



Some Happy Clients...

"I wanted a certain look that I was never able to achieve with other designers."

Krystal wanted to launch her signature course but knew she needed a sales page that reflected how amazing her course is. She wanted a designer who understood her vision and who was able to do a quick her course was launching super soon! She was blown away - watch her video to hear more!


launched her dream sales page

"I knew right from the beginning that I wanted to hire Courtney."

Onalee's project REALLY lit my soul on fire - I was so excited to design her website in Kajabi. Her branding was this beautiful pink and shiny was to die for! Onalee was able to launch her website with confidence (& style!) - hear more about Onalee's experience in her video!




feeling relief that you don't have to learn complicated tech

launching your offer or website with confidence knowing everything is hooked up correctly

having a beautiful website, course or funnel you're excited to show off

having more time to focus on the parts of your biz you do enjoy

Getting this big project off of your plate & out of the way

What's included:

- 24 hours (3 days, 8am - 4pm) of dedicated design & tech work
- Pre-work & detailed questionnaires so we are both clear on your vision & project goals
- 30 minute kick-off call (if needed)
- Immediate access to a beautiful client portal jam packed with helpful resources to help you launch & scale your website & offers
- Website, sales page, course and page frameworks for your website and offers
- Branding resources
- 30 minute test & walkthrough session

...and so much more!


Payment Plan

$2,500 Deposit, $2,500 DUE monday morning

Pay in Full

$5,000 PAY IN FULL

select the plan that works for you:

currently only accepting 2 vip intensives a month & we fill up fast! snag your spot while you can!

What exactly is a VIP Intensive?

You're hiring my design team and I for a whole 24 hours (3 days)! During this week we will work Monday - Friday 8am to 4pm EST on your Kajabi project! 5 days dedicated to you? Heck yes!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't need 3 days for my project?

Please contact me with your project overview and I can give you a better time frame & investment price. Go to Contact Page ->

Do you specialize in any other platform other than Kajabi?

Technically no, but I do work in a few third party platforms that connect to Kajabi ex: ThriveCart, ActiveCampaign, Deadline Funnel, Dubsado, etc.

I am not in a rush, should I reserve a spot early?

I don't have Kajabi yet, how do I join?

YES! VIP Intensives book out quickly and I only do two a month. If you know you want to move forward but are not quite ready yet, secure your spot with a 50% deposit and get on the schedule for the next month (or whenever).

How interactive are the VIP Intensives? Do I need to be around?

These intensives are NOT live. You are free to do whatever your heart desires during your intensive. I just ask you be near email, Voxer, or text in case we have any questions!

What all do I need to provide you for my VIP Intensive?

When you invest, you will get immediate access to a members portal with EVERYTHING I need from you to get started on your project.

If I have you help me with a course portal, do I need the content?

No, you do not need your course content for our project. I (or you) can always add it in when ready.

Cancellation policy?

What does the end of the project look like?

Very strict cancellation policy. You can cancel at any time and request another VIP Intensive slot, but you cannot cancel and get a refund.  When you book with me, you're taking days away from someone else.

When my team and I are done with your project, we will schedule a 30 minute Zoom session where we screen share your project and walk through everything with you. This session IS recorded so bring your questions! And yes, we test EVERYTHING live with you so you can see all the moving parts! :)

shoot me a message

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! Let's chat about it!

Still on the fence?