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 for good!

tasks in your biz

the tiring & stressful

It's time to ditch

You know funnels, and websites, and emails, and #allthethings are important assets to your online business - but what are you supposed to do when tech & design aren't your cup of tea? You can sit there and try & do it yourself but in reality, all you're doing is taking time away from furthering your business. You need a solution, because you've got clients to serve and money to, yesterday!

This is where the VIP Day Experience comes in!

The VIP Day Experience is one of the BEST ways for you to DITCH the time-consuming & overwhelming tasks in Kajabi that are keeping you stuck. Hire my design team & I for an entire day (8 hour time frame) and have your project in Kajabi completed & ready to go by the end of the day! VIP Days are 100% personalized - you pick what project is holding you back the most and we'll take it off your plate for you!

i see you...

Not having the time or skillset to put together important pieces of your business in Kajabi.

Waking up in the morning, pouring yourself a hot cup of coffee, and NOT stressing about the day ahead -because you have a team of experts doing the overwhelming tasks for you!

Hiring a service-provider who can get your overwhelming project completed quickly & efficiently - no waiting around weeks or months for it to be complete!

Thinking you couldn't launch your new website or offer until months from now - but actually being able to launch this week!

Launching your new website, funnel, or course WITHOUT any tech headaches or errors - confidently hit that "Publish" button & start watching the sales come rolling in!


Live or Evergreen Webinar Funnels: pages, emails, automations, etc.

the vip menu

Course Portal Creation: course portal design, content uploading



here are some examples of what projects can happen in a day:

Template customization: swap out template colors, copy, photos, etc. with your brands (from the CM Template Shop)


Onboarding Systems to completely "wow" your new students & clients


Funnel Buildouts: freebies, tripwires, upsells, bumps, automations, tags, etc.


You'll have a peace of mind knowing the service provider you hired (me) has their day 110% dedicated to YOU and YOUR project. No client calls, no other client projects, no distractions. Your biz deserves love, laser-focused attention, & VIP treatment - and that's exactly what you're going to get!

a peace of mind

Go out for lunch, take your kids to a movie, kick back and watch Netflix all day - the freedom is yours, my friend! You've got a team of designers & techies working on your project so you can focus on the things in life that you actually enjoy!

more freedom for you

[Obviously!] But amazing would it be to hire a service provider and NOT have to wait weeks for your project? Or not have to communicate back & forth a hundred times (which results in the project taking even longer)?

quick turn around time

3 Ways The VIP Day Experience is different...

"You're SO good at what you do! I don't think it's possible for me to love my website more than I do! Thank you for making my dream website a reality!"

- adrienne weimer

"I resisted moving over to Kajabi because it felt overwhelming - however, Courtney made the entire process smooth & simple and I was up and running in record time!"

- elaine travis

"I've worked with designers in the past, but nothing compared to the experience I had with Courtney. She truly understood my vision (& I can be quite picky at times!). I'm thankful the Universe connected me to her!"

- krystal chong

"I knew right from the start that I wanted to hire Courtney. She was on top of it, the communication was amazing, and she went above & beyond my expectations! She took my vision & created exactly what I wanted!"

- dr. onalee makam

"The relief I had when I hired Courtney to help me migrate from Teachable to Kajabi was huge. I met her at a business event a few years ago & knew I could trust her to make the process simple & smooth."

- jena castro-casbon


$3,000 usd

* Payment plan IS available! $1,500 due to secure, $1,500 due morning of VIP Day. Full payment MUST be made before scheduled VIP Day.

+ 8 hours of dedicated project time (9am -5pm EST)
+ 30 days post support (ask questions, demo videos, etc.) 
+ Pre-work: detailed questionnaire to help us prepare
+ Backup files of all pages & designs created (lifetime access)
+ Private Google Drive folder for organization 
+ Live (or recorded) video walkthrough of project (testing)

what's included:

VIP Days are NOT live. You are free to do whatever you wish on the day of your VIP Day. I just ask that you are near your phone in case any questions come up & to share some sneak peeks!

VIP Day Investment

book my day

We will have our VIP Day (8 full hours). Afterwards, we will have a live Zoom walkthrough session (or recorded video) to test your project.

have vip day & live session

Pre-Work is crucial to our VIP Day. It must be completed before your scheduled day. Pre-Work is a Google Drive & questionnaire.

complete pre-work

Make your investment below & book your VIP Day. You will receive an email after purchase with booking link & other details.

invest & book your day

The VIP Day Process...

It's probably
for you if...

The Before & After

right now

after vip day

You're spending a lot of time doing every tech task yourself and you're feeling bored & overwhelmed

You outsourced the tasks that were time consuming & overwhelming. You now have the freedom to work on the things that you actually like!

You have a launch coming up and instead of feeling excited, you fear you won't have all your pages & tech hooked up in time - which will result in you pushing back your launch.

You launched your new offer with CONFIDENCE because your pages & tech were hooked up correctly & tested before you launched! Phew!

You're chained to your laptop or computer and feel like you're not enjoying the business (or life) that you created. You need a day off but you're afraid you'll be letting more time get away - so you don't.

You were able to take a few days off for some self care and relaxation because you hired a team of experts to handle the tasks that were keeping you chained.

You're not feeling confident in your onboarding & enrolling systems. You fear you're not "wowing" your new students or clients when they invest in you. You know you could do better but not sure how.

You have beautiful, smooth and memorable onboarding processes for both your services and programs! Your clients feel welcomed and supported!

You're live launching your courses & programs but want to create a way to enroll new students on autopilot. The time & energy that live launching drains from you is real - & you're looking to have more freedom!

You now have an evergreen system that runs on autopilot for your programs so that you can enroll new students in your sleep! #sleepmoney!

After designing & building over 300+ websites, funnels, systems, and automations in Kajabi - it's safe to say I have perfected this unique and fun VIP Day process!

What really motivated me to create VIP Days was the fact that I wanted to "change up" the normal client/service provider experience. Constant back and forth emailing, waiting weeks for your project to be finished, unclear deadlines, not how I wanted to run my business. I've been doing it that way for awhile and I was OVER it.

I wanted to create something different, something fun. Something that made my clients say "um, yes please!"

I've been hosting VIP Days for about 2 years now and every month they completely sell out. They are a HUGE hit and quite frankly, the BEST way to outsource a project that has been keeping you stuck! The amount of time you save by booking a VIP Day is unbelievable. Don't take my word for it though, listen to what some of my past clients had to say!

meet  your designer!

I'm Courtney— the Kajabi Strategist Your Biz Has Been Craving!

How Should I Best Prepare for my VIP Day?

After purchase, you will receive a detailed questionnaire & checklist of everything and more that I'll need from you! :)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are VIP Days only for Kajabi platform projects?

As of right now, yes. Kajabi is the only platform where I do design & tech work.

What is the difference between this and the Kajabi Setup?

VIP Days are for one specific project. Kajabi Setups are for the biz owner who needs more done such as website, courses, automations, etc.

Can my project really be done in a day?

There are no guarantees your project will be done within the 8 hour time span. I provide you with a very detailed questionnaire (& we can even have a kick off call if needed) before the project is started to ensure I have everything I need and more to complete your project. VIP Days rarely need extra time, and if they do, I will be sure to let you know BEFORE we start any work together.

Is support provided after my scheduled VIP Day?

Yes! You get 30 days post support to ask any questions, request customized video tutorials, etc. After your 30 days is up and you still need support, you can check out my monthly retainer packages for alumni clients.

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