I thought running an online business was the craziest thing that ever crossed my mind...

Seriously though...I was a new mom, living off of one income, feeding my family with food stamps & renting a tiny section 8 apartment. There was NO way a girl like me could possibly start and run a successful online business. I had no money, no business experience, and no hope...until the determination & realization hit me like a ton of bricks. I KNEW I was meant for great things. I KNEW there was more to life.

I'm Courtney — I help online creatives build beautiful & converting sites & systems on the Kajabi platform.

And little did I know, that crazy thought of starting an online business would bring me to where I am today. I took my love for design and turned it into a thriving, six figure business that has completely changed my life. 4 years after having that "crazy" thought...I am now helping others build successful businesses on Kajabi. But why Kajabi? What's so special about it?

When I first started my business I knew Kajabi was the perfect platform for me because it was all-in-one. No part of me wanted to sit there and figure out how to hook up 10 different platforms together and have things scattered all over the internet. I always craved simplicity and I wanted my business to be SIMPLE.

I quickly fell in love after playing around in the backend of Kajabi. It wasn't long until I started selling services to help others with the backends of their Kajabi's, too! It was something that came natural to me and honestly, it was my passion. Nothing can compare to the feeling of watching your clients make MORE money and working LESS hours because you helped them automate & systematize their business backend.

As a mom, I take it very seriously when a client comes to me wanting to experience more time & freedom in their lives. Nobody wants to sit behind their computer on the daily trying to figure out complicated tech - especially when you have kids. Especially when you have a family. Especially when you want to travel & enjoy your life #aintnotimeforthat!

the functionality, the flow, the professional look & feel...i love it!

Kajabi has always been my all-time favorite business platform 

It's time to enjoy your business (& life) again by creating more free time to do the things you love.

I bet you're just like me and have a burning passion inside your heart for your online business, am I right? You know you were made for big things and you feel SO close to achieving them but the tech & design tasks of running an online business has been holding you back.

Us business owners have to wear many hats...and quite frankly, it's impossible to wear them all. At some point you're going to need help with design, or copywriting, or webinars, or launching, or podcasting...whatever it may be.

Allow me to take the stressful tech & design tasks off your plate so that you can go back to do what you love...serving your clients & creating content about what you ARE good at.

It's time for you to enjoy your business again. It's time for you to have more free time to do things that fill you up. It's time for you to start making the income and impact you've been craving for far too long now. Take the first step below!

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"You're SO good at what you do! I don't think it's possible for me to love my website more than I do! Thank you for making my dream website a reality!"

- adrienne weimer

"I resisted moving over to Kajabi because it felt overwhelming - however, Courtney made the entire process smooth & simple and I was up and running in record time!"

- elaine travis

"I've worked with designers in the past, but nothing compared to the experience I had with Courtney. She truly understood my vision (& I can be quite picky at times!). I'm thankful the Universe connected me to her!"

- krystal chong

"I knew right from the start that I wanted to hire Courtney. She was on top of it, the communication was amazing, and she went above & beyond my expectations! She took my vision & created exactly what I wanted!"

- dr. onalee makam

"The relief I had when I hired Courtney to help me migrate from Teachable to Kajabi was huge. I met her at a business event a few years ago & knew I could trust her to make the process simple & smooth."

- jena castro-casbon

i'm obsessed with . . .

Walking, journaling, hot & relaxing baths, meditation, motivating books & podcasts, creativity & focus videos on YouTube

for daily self care

Grey's Anatomy, OutDaughtered, Teen Mom, Northwoods Law, True Crime shows (I know, I'm pretty random...)

binging on netflix

My son, my family, my friends, Dunkin' Donuts caramel frozen coffee, fall, snuggly blankets, the beach, and my biz!

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